Experienced Financial Security Advisor with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Risk Management, Customer Service, Financial Planning, Life Insurance, and Securities. Strong finance professional graduated from Canadian Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (CAIFA).

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Jeff Sirrs

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

As a financial security advisor, I understand your goals and dreams are as individual as you are. Whether you are starting a new family, preparing for retirement, or running a business, I will work with you or your business to build the financial security plan that best fits your needs. I am currently in the process of obtaining the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. 

I will work with you to create a customized plan that helps you manage risk and brings your goals within reach through an integrated planning process. After evaluating your needs, investment comfort level and life stage, I’ll recommend those products and services that best help you achieve these goals.

Through comprehensive analysis, in-depth market research and the support of a team of highly-qualified tax and product specialists, I’ll help you make sense of your options.

Ask an advisor: What is inflation?

Learn about inflation and how it impacts your financial plan.



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Description: This animated video introduces a character named Sarah and her advisor with illustrated graphics to explain inflation.

Text: Ask an advisor: What is inflation?

Description: An illustration of a bar graph with an upwards arrow draws into the frame.

Sarah: I’ve been hearing a lot about inflation. Should I be worried?

Description: Sarah sits in the advisor’s office. The advisor nods his head and smiles. His laptop sits on the desk between them.

Advisor: One of the best reasons to have a financial plan is to help you manage inflation.

Description: Cut to a medium shot of the advisor gesturing with his hands.

Advisor: Inflation is the gradual rise in the prices for all the goods and services you buy,

Description: A stack of coins is shown. Two coins roll into the frame and are added to the stack.

Advisor: including groceries, transportation and maybe your spring break vacation.

Description: Illustrations appear: a paper bag of food for groceries, a gas pump for transportation and an airplane for vacation.

Advisor: While we hope prices won’t go up, some inflation is the sign of a growing, thriving economy.

Description: A coin from the stack starts to roll along a line. The coin continues to roll as the line grows to a peak and then dips downward. Text “1-3% per year” appears onscreen.

Advisor: That’s because it encourages consumers to spend money now, rather than later when the price could be higher.

Description: More coins fall into the frame.

Advisor: But inflation can be a problem if your pay cheque can’t keep up.

Description: The camera pans downward to large text that compares a “1% raise” to “3% inflation.” A hand holding a pay cheque moves into the frame.

Advisor: Over time, you may not be able to afford to purchase as much as you previously did, lowering your standard of living.

Description: The illustrations of groceries, transportation and vacation return. Dollar signs flow outwards from each.

Advisor: This is especially important in retirement when your income may be more fixed and not able to grow with inflation.

Description: A graph appears. A straight dotted line labelled “Fixed income” draws into the frame. A second line draws in an upward motion, showing rising inflation.

Sarah: Oh, that makes sense!

Description: The camera zooms out of the graph to reveal the advisor’s laptop and Sarah in his office.

Advisor: Let’s talk about how you can create a financial plan with inflation in mind.

Description: The advisor gestures towards his screen, Sarah smiles.

Text “Let’s talk. Contact me today.” appears onscreen with the Canada Life logo and legal line: “Video produced by Canada Life. canadalife.com 1-204-946-1190.”

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